Purchase of a Lone Tamaskan puppy includes:​

1.Puppy Package: Harness & Leash + Toys

2. Bag For accessories

3. Health Book

4.rear dewclaw removal (if present and necessary in vet opinion) by licensed veterinarian

5.Puppy portfolio*

6.Membership in LoneTamaskanDog FB group

7.international microchip



  • it includes official ITR Registration Certificate
  • Neogen GeneSeek DNA Parentage Analysis
  • Neogen GeneSeek DNA Profile
  • Copies of Sire & Dam’s Elbow Score Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam’s Eye Exam Certificates
  • DM Certificate (unless „Clear By Parentage”)
  • MyDogDNA results (Genoscoper)
  • LoneTamaskan Ownership Contract
Pucharse terms
– Good home ( when u send application we can put you on waiting list or current/future litter or denie)
– Some knowlage about dogs health, behaviour etc
Puppy price is 2500 euro  – deposit is 500 euro (non refundable – its may be only refundable if something happen and we decide to send it back)
We would like to inform you that the signing of the contract applies to the dog and the deposit is paid in advance….