Purchase of a Lone Tamaskan puppy includes:​

1.Puppy Package: Harness & Leash + Toys

2. Bag For accessories

3. Health Book

4.rear dewclaw removal (if present) by licensed veterinarian

5.Puppy portfolio*

6.Membership in LoneTamaskanDog FB group

7.international microchip




  • it includes official ITR Registration Certificate
  • Neogen GeneSeek DNA Parentage Analysis
  • Neogen GeneSeek DNA Profile
  • Copies of Sire & Dam’s Elbow Score Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam’s Eye Exam Certificates
  • DM Certificate (unless „Clear By Parentage”)
  • MyDogDNA results (Genoscoper)
  • LoneTamaskan Ownership Contract